GILFORD — Town Administrator Scott Dunn reports that the New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration has set Gilford’s 2019 property tax rate at $15.86 per $1,000 of assessed valuation, a decrease of $1.18, or 6.9 percent, from the 2018 tax rate of $17.04 per $1,000.

Meanwhile the town’s net assessed valuation increased by $259,452,128, or 14.6 percent, to $2,032,075,540, due to a town-wide revaluation.

That means that a hypothetical $200,000 home that paid $3,408 in taxes in 2018 might be valued at $229,200 today, and would have a tax bill of $3,635.11. This illustration does not take into account the new construction that contributes to the town’s net assessed valuation, and individual properties values would vary, based on the type of structure, location, and other factors.

The municipal portion of the tax rate is $4.66 per $1,000, a 45 cent or 8.8 percent decrease from the 2018 rate of $5.11.

The county tax rate dropped 16 cents, or 11.7 percent, from $1.37 in 2018 to $1.21 this year.

The state education tax rate dropped 29 cents, or 13.4 percent, from $2.17 in 2018 to $1.88 this year.

The local education tax rate dropped by 28 cents, or 3.3 percent, from $8.39 in 2018 to $8.11 this year.

Dunn said that residents of Gunstock Acres Village Water District will have a tax rate of 63 cents per $1,000, a decrease of 4 cents, or 5.9 percent, from the 67-cent tax rate in 2018.

Tax bills will go out in the mail sometime during the last week of November, with an anticipated due date of Dec. 29.

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