Laconia Reads

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

By: Mark Twain

Friday, May 15 — Friday, May 22

Chapter 6 — Chapter 8

Chapter 6:

“Monday morning found Tom Sawyer miserable. Monday morning always found him so – because it began another week’s slow suffering in school. …”. This is how we enter Chapter 6. Soon enough he is the envy of every boy because of a gap in his upper row of teeth.

It’s in Chapter 6 we meet Huck Finn, the “juvenile pariah of the village” and a character who has become well known in American literature. Perhaps one of the most well-known characters.

We learn what might happen when you take a dead cat to a graveyard at midnight. …

Tom is an artist in this chapter and offers to “I’ll learn you” if you don’t believe you can draw.

Chapter 7:

As Tom has such difficulty with “fastening his mind on a book” we find him “swimming in bliss” after a morning at school?

When he has difficulty describing his love for Becky Thatcher, he gave her his “chiefest jewel?” Name this treasure of Tom’s.

Chapter 8:

We find Tom running away to Cardiff Hill. He thinks about various careers. What does he decide on?

He again uses his Barlow knife and what does he find?

What is a doodle-bug? How many definitions can you find?

Who is Guy of Guisborne? What book would Mark Twain have read to reference this? When was the book published and when might Twain have read it?

Elizabeth Howard, Columnist, Laconia Daily Sun


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Sunday, May 17: Chapter 6 Jaylene Bengston, Artist/ Teacher Belmont Middle School/ Adjunct Art Education Professor at Plymouth State University.

Tuesday, May 19: Chapter 7 Gail Drucker, Children’s Librarian, Laconia Public Library.

Thursday, May 21: Chapter 8 Representative Edith Tucker, Coos 5.

Tom Sawyer’s Weekly Family Adventure/Activity:

Prescott Farm Environmental Education Center is encouraging you to Start a Nature Journal.

It does not matter if you are a “skilled” artist like Tom or a novice like Becky. Nature journals are important records for phenology, or seasonal changes. Your journal will teach you when to expect the first birds of the spring migration or daffodils to bloom.

Throughout the story, Tom brings us to some of his favorite places, like the woods of Cardiff Hill. For your first entry, we are asking you to go to your favorite outside place to draw something new that you notice (that you can safely access right now).

Share your work with us at Laconia Reads: /

Special Content:

Special programs (Monday/Wednesday) will be posted each week so readers can explore the Mark Twain House ( in Hartford, Connecticut and the Mark Twain Boyhood Home and Museum ( in Hannibal, Missouri.

Monday, May 18: Explore Huck Finn’s home.

Wednesday, May 20: Visit Grant’s Drug Store and learn more about the Clemens family living there.

Copies of the book at available for pick-up at the Laconia Public Library.

Laconia Reads is a community reading program designed to promote literacy and an appreciation for books. Connecting our community through activities, book clubs, and conversation. Celebrate Laconia is partnering with the Belknap Mill, Prescott Farm Environmental Education Center, the Laconia Public Library, and the Congregational Church of Laconia UCC. Follow us on Facebook:

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