LACONIA — One of Laconia’s best-kept secrets, Madeira USA, will hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony at its recently completed facility on Hounsell Avenue in Gilford on Wednesday, April 17.

Laconia is the location of the U.S. headquarters of Madeira, an embroidery thread manufacturing company with a worldwide presence. Based in the Black Forest’s Freiburg, Germany, Madeira has been producing high-quality embroidery thread since 1919, with subsidiaries all over the world. Madeira USA began distributing thread in 1984 and, over the past 35 years, has added 12 locations throughout the U.S., growing each year to become the market leader.

“As we’ve grown over the past three and a half decades, so have the industry and our customers," said Shirley Clark, president of Madeira USA. "The need to deliver thread quickly and expediently is necessary to help the large contract embroidery companies maintain their constant workflow. Our ability to provide them with our hottest commodity — black and white 100 percent polyester embroidery thread — will keep production purring and improve our ability to support our high-volume customers.”

Madeira USA's website, offering e-commerce, has expanded its product line, and continues to reach deeper and deeper into the thread market, promoting its core product of embroidery threads.

Used solely for embellishment rather than construction, embroidery threads can be lustrous, matte or metallic; they can be fire-resistant or glow in the dark; designed for commercial embroidery machines, wool or cotton blend embroidery threads can give a hand-embroidered appearance. 

Newly hired operations manager Roy Wirth has spent the past several months preparing for the April 17 ribbon-cutting ceremony. With 30 years of experience in manufacturing in New Hampshire, his first role as manager was to assemble a staff. His first hiree was Mike Mitchell as assistant manager of operations. The two then set out to visit Madeira’s headquarters in Freiburg, Germany, to see how thread is wound and packaged and to learn from the existing crew.

“We are looking at 7,600 square feet of manufacturing space,” Wirth said. “Right now we’ve got a 20-head winding machine, a shrink-wrapper, and a laser writer. We’ve hired two great machine operators and are looking to hire two more for a later shift. I suspect that our ability to turn out thousands of black-and-white 5,500-yard thread cones will have a very positive effect on those customers who have come to expect quick and quality service from Madeira USA.”

The Madeira product line includes the industry’s largest selection of specialty threads, plus a complete line of bobbins and accessories. Threads are used solely for embellishment, branding and monogramming in the decorated apparel and home-fashion markets. For more information, see

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