To The Daily Sun,

Come on, Steve — if you’re so concerned about socialism taking over, ask yourself why it could happen. The same reason you think Putin’s Patsy got in office. People wanted “change”. You’re too nearsighted — and ignorant — to see the chaos, hate, and division your misguided moron has caused in this country, and like your big baby in the high chair, blame someone else for it. You and your like-minded followers of Trump are the only ones detached from reality. Blame the media for not calling out something, but call out Trump saying something racist/ misogynistic/ just plain stupid and it’s the Left gone crazy.

I realize the only reason you write to the Sun is the fantasy of being an editorial contributor and just seeing your name in print, but you have a long, long way to go if you think you are going to reach people that don’t wear MAGA hats and have tattered, faded American flags in the beds of pickups with something of substance and meaning.

Keep trying though, at least your grammar is getting better. Anything with more than four letters is an improvement.

Michael Sweet


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