To The Daily Sun,

Want to know where the Democrats' Nordic style socialism of Biden-Harris and Obama ends? Look no further than super Democrat, super liberal California.

In 2018 California elected as socialist left leaning DEMOCRATIC governor as it ever has in its entire history in Gavin Newsom. Newsom now faces a heated recall election with even odds he may lose his job to a Republican, black man, Larry Elder.

Why would California voters be looking to cut bleeding liberal Newsom loose early?

California is a snapshot of what failure looks like.

1. Has the highest cost of living adjusted poverty rate in the entire country.

2. Is Home to one-third of all welfare recipients in America.

3. Home building activity nationally has increased an average of 6.1 percent. In California it’s declined 3.7 percent. Caused by super tight state building regulations and red tape put there by consumed environmental wackos. Permitting there can take years.

4. In Republican-run Texas the average price of a home is 3.5 times the median household income. In California it’s 10 times the median income.

5 In lovely San Antonio the median price of a home is $226,000. In Los Angeles it's $898,000.

6. California is home to more than 50 percent of all unsheltered homeless in America.

7. In California, a person earning $58,000 annually pays a marginal tax rate double what someone in Arizona making $500,000 pays.

8 Next year, California will lose a congressional seat due to declining population from the Nordic style socialism Democrats want enacted everywhere.

9 In just the last 10 years an astounding 687,000 residents of socialism soaked, high-tax California moved to Republican low-tax Texas. That equates to 50 percent of New Hampshire’s population moving out.

10. Of the 10 largest school districts in America only one, Los Angeles, have kids gone an entire year without in-school instruction while just 30 percent of 8th graders read proficiently (19 percent of Hispanics and 10 percent of blacks). Similar failed stats for math.

11. Sky-high wage demands by parasitic public unions that control much of state government produce the highest sales tax and highest gasoline tax levies in the entire country. Triple the national average.

This is what expansive, union-honchoed, crony run, Democratic, Obama-Biden sponsored socialism headed for your door step next looks like and where it ends.

Vote Economic Sanity and Republican in 2022. Your family's security is at stake.

Tony Boutin


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