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Are Republicans in New Hampshire “sheep?” The answer would be a resounding Yes, if we listen to Representative Michael Sylvia (Belmont), Republican Chair of the Belknap County Delegation.

Mr. Sylvia’s remarks in a recent discussion with fellow secessionists might come as an unpleasant surprise to his fellow Republicans. In an online chat on Aug. 23, the group (including, in addition to Sylvia, Republican Rep. Matt Santonastaso (Rindge), and Ian Freeman of Keene (under house arrest on federal money laundering charges), plotted strategy to convince New Hampshire voters to support their movement for New Hampshire to secede from the United States, similar to what the Confederacy did in 1860. See link:

Rep. Sylvia cautioned that the word “secession,” like the word “anarchy,” would result in some pushback, and that the wording of the message needed to be changed. As Sylvia put it, “We don’t want to scare off the sheep.” The sheep clearly being the Republicans who might otherwise view their message favorably.

He went on to explain that looking at the mood of the country (at least from a Republican perspective), blame for what is going on would be placed on … “Biden ... because we’re Republicans…”

Mr. Sylvia then got to the border situation, stating “this is not my feeling, but you know, the atmosphere out there is the dirty Mexicans or Guatemalans or whatever are coming across the border and bringing the COVID with them. It’s a bit of nonsense … but whether or not it is true and real, if we can take advantage of it, why wouldn’t we?”

Why wouldn’t they indeed? Certainly not because they possess an ounce of honesty or decency. Their fellow Republicans are sheep to be manipulated, and if appeals to racism and bigotry will advance their rebel cause, then they will go for it.

It will be up to what is left of the GOP to decide whether to confirm Rep. Sylvia’s view of them. Do they have the ability to reject the appeal to racism? Will they refuse to act as sheep? Or will they allow themselves to be demeaned and manipulated by the likes of Michael Sylvia?

Ruth Larson


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Alan Moon

No and we won't be manipulated by hateful hyperventilating harpies like you Ms Larson.


On another note. the people calling Democrats sheep are the ones advocating the taking Ivermectin, a dewormer for sheep, horses and other here animals. LoL.

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