To The Daily Sun,

If you’ve never met a nincompoop but want to know how one writes, be sure to check out a Jeff Robbins political column the next time one appears in Laconia’s Daily Sun.

Never have I read such unauthentic writings such as his. Lengthy redundancy, suspect story-tales along with a plethora of "ghost sources" make me wonder why Robbins keeps showing up in the Sun.  

CNN regulars must find Robbins’ columns nauseating and boring since just about all of what he writes has already been aired.  As for "catching-up" on past news, Robbins is your guy because ‘old news’ is what he’s all about.

When Pulitzer people gather to award prizes in originality and creative writing, expect Robbins’ to tumble from view. This man even makes a mockery of ethical journalism with his "sketchy" news sources, demeaning commentary and an array of political jargon.

This man seemed never to have learned that politics ought to be civil with respectable exchanges of opinion. Politics shouldn’t be a platform for bashing and insulting those whose views are different from yours. It should also be an intellectual swap in what people believe to be true with empirical evidence to support either side. Truth matters!

After reading a Jeff Robbins' newspaper column, a quote from my youth comes quickly to mind: “And the farmer took another load away.”

Roland Jutras


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Alan Moon

This is what passes for intellectual thinking in the LDS. Along with the unfunny cartoons they print lately.

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