To The Daily Sun,

Chief Justice John Roberts "...knows that polls show that nearly two-thirds of Americans oppose overturning Roe..." (The Week magazine, 22 February, page 16). But Roberts will probably "join the four other conservatives in ruling in favor of most state abortion restrictions — effectively making it illegal in red states, and legal in blue states."

The Roe v Wade issue has come up since Brett Kavanaugh was allowed to be on the Supreme Court, and this is because the Electoral College allowed Donald Trump to become president after he lost the popular vote, something I believe they were not required to do; they could have given the election to Clinton. She got a lot more votes.

To a significant extent, this country is run by minority rule.

Dick Devens

Center Sandwich

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Alan Moon

Read the Constitution. Clinton lost the electoral vote by a landslide. Just take away one state, California, and she would have lost the popular vote too, even after all the lying and cheating by the democrats from Obama on down. Looks like all of that is floating to the top and starting to really smell bad for Hillary now. Lock her up!


No, that privilege is all Trump,lock him up!




At least the country is being run by NY & CA voters - think how much trouble we would really be in.


They actually could improve this state you call home.

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