To The Daily Sun,

As a concerned citizen in Gilford I need this to be seen. I had the Gilford Police respond to my house a month ago. The officer in charge was Eric Bredbury. We were talking calmly. There was no issue. One of his officers seemed agitated. I don’t know to this day what his issue was but he seamed angry and was staring me down and acting with aggressive behavior. Eric Bredbury looked at him and said don’t do anything here this house has surveillance on it. His partner looked angry and walked away. I’m a 47-year-old doctor. I have never had anything on my record except a traffic ticket 23 years ago. I can’t get an answer from the Gilford police. What did Eric Bredbury mean that day when he said “don’t do anything because he has surveillance.” If I wasn’t a doctor and I didn’t have cameras would things have been different for someone else. No charges were filed. But I am concerned. I respect the law. I always have. I’m not sure this police force respects the law. I hope I am wrong. But they will not respond and they won’t return a call. So at this point I felt obliged to present this to our community. Take it as you will. This was my experience. I have nothing more to say at this time.

Richard Boerner


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the cameras are on means they have to be on their best behavior. More than likely, you would have been beaten and then shown to have been "combative" or "resisting arrest". . . to which the vast majority will hear and simply take at face value. Depending on whether you're republican or democrat will tell who sides with you, and who sides against you.

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