To The Daily Sun,

Listen to Timothy Snyder, an historian from Yale University: "For tyrants, the lesson of the Reichstag fire is that one moment of shock enables an eternity of submission. For us the lesson is that our natural fear and grief must not enable the destruction of our institutions."

I am sure most readers (not all) have no concept of the Reichstag fire, but substitute Travon Martin or George Floyd for this. As an aside, I wonder how many students and teachers know what that fire was about. This is straight out of the National Socialist Party playbook. Brought to you by Adolf Hitler and his Nazis.

New Hampshire has four representatives in The U.S. Congress, Sen. Shaheen and Hassan and Rep. Pappas and Kuster. Haven't heard any objections from these Democratic stalwarts (sarcasm intended).

Peter Kirk


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Alan Moon

Good point Peter, that's how Hitler justified his take over of the German government and the foolish people swallowed it until the bitter end. Just one problem for the modern fascists; 2020 America is not 1933 Germany.

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