To The Daily Sun,

Let us remember what ex-President Barak Obama once said about his Vice President Joe Biden. Never underestimate Joe's ability to screw things up. Mr. Obama knows why he took so long to support Joe Biden's presidential ambitions. Mr. Biden canceled most of President Trump's policies without having discernible alternative plans. Therefore our gas prices have risen at least 50 percent and show no end in sight.

Inflation is running rampant in our entire economy (despite their denial), look at your food bill, fuel bill, medical bills.

Afghanistan exit was and continues to be a complete disaster. Our allies were left in the dark as were our people on the ground.

At our southern border, those who are attempting to enforce our laws are vilified. Those who are in charge are not to be found. Vice President Kamala Harris is disgustingly nowhere near the situation, and not offering any positive solutions. As of this writing, she has only found time to criticize law enforcement agents.

This administration which said it will be open and honest has proven to be the opposite.

Who is really in charge? Joe Biden needs medical help which his family and friends deny him.

Peter Kirk


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Alan Moon

Food, Fuel, Medical services if you can even get them. Those are just the start. How about those electric bills? And we haven't even gotten into the heating oil/natural gas season yet. Don't let anybody tell you it's because of Covid 19. All of these price hikes are directly the result of Joe Biden's and democrat policies. Thank him and everyone who voted for him.

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