To The Daily Sun,

In case you missed it, the people who sell the very high-end, expensive Peloton exercise bike have been taking heat in recent days over the ad they have run for holiday giving, in which a fictional husband surprises his wife with a gift of a Peloton, with which she is ecstatic.

The PC Police and the MSM have been criticizing the ad for being sexist, misogynistic, or whatever epithets they can throw at it.

Of course, there is, as they say, no such thing as bad publicity. And I am fairly certain that most anyone, female or male, would love to have a gift of a Peloton.

But, in the spirit of Christmas, I offer the following commentary and suggestions for gift-giving for guys who want to give something special to that loved one of the opposite sex, without incurring the wrath of the PC Police.

My ex once told me that she never wanted to receive a gift from me that plugged in or required batteries — this was after I made the huge faux pas of giving her an electric toothbrush as a gift.

I learned from that experience that the gift that might always keep on giving for a person of the opposite ex would be either (a) jewelry or (b) a gift card to a jewelry store. The gift card is the alternative if you are not highly confident of what jewelry you might select. [No matter what I seemed to pick out in jewelry always seemed to be the wrong thing, so it went back for credit.]

So, there you have it.

Give a Peloton if you a man’s man. Otherwise, be a girly-man and head to your local jeweler.

Norm Silber


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