To The Daily Sun,

Sometimes you need to stand up and do the right thing. As a 25+ year employee at LRGH, when I read the article from Saturday's Laconia Daily Sun about ER physicians being stiffed by LRGH for their ER work during the pandemic, I was embarrassed. Reading this from a rimary care provider perspective I was disgusted. These physicians were on the front line protecting all of us from this virus. Having the LRGH administration, led by CEO Kevin Donovan, behind this is unconscionable. These doctors put not only their health on the line, but also their families' health at risk by working for us. Believing someone has your back during these times is very important for all health care workers. For these providers the hand on their back was not one of support, but one looking for a soft spot to stick in the knife. Over 3,600 health care workers have died from COVID. The risks are real. More than 60% of health care workers report increase in stress related feelings during this time. Kevin is not a medical provider so he does not, I think understand this. But this is not the first time he has demonstrated questionable behavior. Five years ago he tried to get his friend, Paula, a lucrative position at LRGH. She did not have a NH nursing license so he tried to lie about her hiring and position. For this stunt LRGH had to pay a fine to the state of $40,000.

I am currently on a medical leave of absence from my position at LRGH for stress related to working during the pandemic. This was not from a fear of COVID, but was from a lack of professionalism from the staff at my office in faIling to wear masks in my office protecting my patients. With no help from this administration to enforce their own hospital policies. I have seen firsthand the failures of this administration.

I think that there are two things that Kevin can do. First, he should repay LRGH the $40,000 he cost them, and put that into a fund to start repaying these ER physicians. Or he should resign immediately. It is past time for him to stand up and accept responsibility for his actions.

Finally, as a primary care provider, I would like to thank all of those ER physicians for their work during these trying times. And please understand that the actions of this administration in no way reflect the morals of those working on the front lines during these times.

Mirno Pasquali


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Hey just wanted to say miss you, hope we meet up someday.

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