To The Daily Sun,

In my day, the helping professions such as teaching and policing were generally populated by those realizing satisfaction in helping and protecting others. Like today however, there were always a few individuals whose personalities were a poor professional fit.

Some New Hampshire teachers have publicly promised on a Marxist website to wield their two-edged sword of anti-intellectual racism and gender confusion among children in violation of their code of ethics and our laws. Under the guise of student privacy, some educators treat parents as adversaries who increasingly aren’t consulted on racist instruction, hormone treatments and astonishingly even sexual reassignment surgery for their children.

Good teachers, coerced by ideologically perverted unions, are directed by the $6 billion grant-driven euphemistic “diversion, equity, and inclusion” committees steeped in critical race theory which in Exeter is being managed by a Black Lives Matter employee. Their doctrine rejects Dr. Martin Luther King’s color-blind civil rights philosophy alongside America’s bedrock of equality theory.

In woke-world the significance of skin color and the desire for racial segregation eclipses notions of civil rights and the importance of individual character. Why? They assert that racism dominates all other dynamics in society, only whites are racist — incurably so from birth — and whites need to be legally devalued as citizens. Euphemistic racist and radical gender essentialists texts are provided in an attempt at guidance while easing each educator’s conscience.

Social science research has long illustrated that cultural and family environments greatly impact the level of a student’s individual academic effort and evolving natural abilities. This is where social investment is needed to effect academic achievement; not in anti-intellectual fantasies of Marxist oppressor-oppressed dogma citing “systemic racism” and “white privilege.” Likewise, research illustrates that gender confusion will disappear 70 percent of the time if not encouraged. Sadly, woke ideologues attach their racist dogma to gender confusion in their inexplicable “identity and intersectionality” obsession. Like racial minorities, transsexual minorities, (0.01 percent of the population) are exploited with a whopping 2 percent clustered among still cognitively developing high schoolers. The transgender craze presents with (1) a drastic demographic change to female applicants; and (2) an astonishing 1,000 percent increase presented across the U.S. Midwest, and a 4,000 percent increase in England. This drastic increase, evidence of teen-age self-diagnosis, the demographic flip-flop, alongside young female data clusters suggest a social contagion effect disproportionately and erroneously capturing troubled girls. The strikingly high suicide rates are chiefly presented among those wishing to undo their sexual reassignment surgeries. Educators are increasingly cognizant of these issues — and acutely aware of the professional danger if they voice objections.

How do we protect children and good educators until this scientifically illiterate madness passes? Like police officers, educators don’t have work privacy rights. Like police, good teachers will welcome the protections inherent in recording their professional classroom comportment. Like police videos, recordings can easily be scrubbed for all privacy issues while revealing the faction of ideologs harming children and disregarding the law.

Is it time to start saving children with classroom recordings?

Michael Breen


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You sound like the kind of Nutjob that needs to monitored by camera 24/7.

Jesus 2025

If it prevents any more incidents like banning the American flag and replacing it with the LGBTQ or some other left wing nonsense,yeah.

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