To The Daily Sun,

Critical race theory, including the concept of “anti-racism,” is by its core advocates' own admission blatantly racist (called anti-racism in this discipline), Marxist, totalitarian, irrational, highly subjective, openly deceitful and heavily propagandized, and immersed in a strategy of “ends justifies the means.” Its core literature supports completely changing all American values, but like all Marxist doctrine is unclear as to how – or what happens next. The discipline is cult-like, wholly intolerant of outside concepts not intellectually inbred within their own ranks. This can’t be confused with civil rights, fairness, objectively seeking truth, or a quest for racial harmony. It is anti-civil rights, anti-intellectual, and anti-science (which it supporters sees as a “western and masculine way” of white oppressors maintaining power over all other “oppressed” races. It envisions a norm of discrimination against whites in the future. It is destructive to the self-esteem and psychological well-being of children, injurious to families (especially biracial families whose children are told to “chose” the oppressed parent), as well as harmful to communities and our nation. It’s wholly unmoored from traditional beliefs of representative democracy, and peaceful coexistence among races and ethnicities. It is an evidence-free, intolerant, cult-like value system lurking behind a façade of “inclusion” and “diversity;” its values  actually are the polar opposite of the Malcolm X-Stokley Carmichael rabid segregationists’ beliefs that are propagated in CRT core literature.

Isn't it ironic that democracies are particularly vulnerable to these purveyors of hate. History is replete with examples of stunningly sad endings resulting from teaching racism. It is past time for well intended teachers and school boards to see past the euphemisms and read CRT core literature to understand what is on the horizon if racist indoctrination continues to invade our educational system.

Michael Breen


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They often use the negative phrase in order to make anyone that would dare oppose them appear their adversary. Anti-racist, so if they make racist statements and you oppose them, you'll be considered racist. Anti-fascist, so if they act like actual fascists and you oppose them you'll be considered fascist. I'm waiting for anti-babymurderers and anyone who opposes them must be in favor of baby murder.

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