To The Daily Sun,

How can The Laconia Sun write a story full of falsehoods about Tim Carter going to Washington, D.C. and being a part of the most disgusting day in U.S. history. There were just wonderful peaceful people just there for fun and they were just looking for a bathroom, are you kidding me? Did you not watch the rally before they marched down and broke into our capital, breaking windows, scaling walls, beating up and killing a policeman? Desecrating the halls of democracy. I guess Mr. Carter and the rest of the really wonderful Trump supporters were just looking for a bathroom. I hope Tim Carter enjoyed his lunch while our democracy was being destroyed. Tim Carter better hope his picture doesn't come up on the capital grounds or he will be joining his friends in jail. The Laconia Sun should be ashamed for printing that story, it is filled with falsehoods.

Michael Altieri


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Mr. Carter has more legitimacy in his pinky finger than the author of this nonsensical letter.


Good letter. I appreciate the Sun covering all sides but that article seems to give legitimacy to Mr. Carter.


Michael, were you there? Obviously you know more about what happened than someone who actually witnessed the events.

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