To The Daily Sun,

For months the Laconia School Board and Superintendent Steve Tucker have endured harassment, intimidation and threats. There is a segment of Laconia’s population resorting to bully tactics as they try to impose their uniformed/misinformed opinions regarding masks or critical race theory. They could use a civics lesson, as well as one in good behavior.

It is unfortunate that they cannot see Superintendent Tucker as the passionate local leader, invested educator, coach and resident that he is. His integrity is without question. It is unfortunate that they cannot see board members as duly elected officials desiring only the best for our students, staff and families. It is shameful that school officials have been treated so shabbily by members of this community, including I might add three of our local state representatives. Encouraging this behavior and undermining the integrity of our school district is not the leadership our city deserves.

It is time for the silent majority of Laconians to change the narrative. It is time for Laconians to stand up for civility and respect. It is time for Laconians to push the bullies into the shadows. It is time for Laconians to support their School Board and Superintendent.

Marcia Hayward


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Excellent Letter!


It really is pathetic to hear the bigots crawl out from under their rocks to misinform the public, and try to bully the Laconia School Board and our great public school system in Laconia, regarding Critical Race Theory in an attempt to help students understand the importance of diversity in our community and country.

I grew up with my grandparents and a parent that were immigrants who always talked about the melting pot in our country, but nothing was really said about how certain citizens whose families go back to the founding of our country were treated and thought of as less than second class citizens due to their race or color of their skin.

What I find interesting is the lies and propaganda pushed by these right wing bigots who have been fueled by the racist Trump cult, are the people who could benefit most from learning about what it is like to be black in America.

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