To The Daily Sun,

Walking my dogs I see litter, thrown out bottles and beer and soda cans. I pick them up and group them for when I next pass by going to our transfer station. I make a small pile. Today I picked up a cardboard MacDonald's Filet-o-Fish wrapping. Who, in such a hurry to eat-on-the-run, couldn't hold onto the packaging until home again with a trash basket handy? Who sees our road as only a car-track, not a tiny edge to our lovely countryside? Did this person grow up in an abusive home? Nothing was sacred? Personal relationships didn't amount to much? Aspirations for a good life were squelched by uncaring adults? The model for adulthood was to get away without caring? Only the "I" matters? I am sad for the crippled personality that is the mindset of the one throwing ugliness at our lovely New Hampshire.

Lynn Rudmin Chong


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Alan Moon

Did you pick up your dog's poop?

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