To the Daily Sun,

The possible demise of Roe v. Wade's protections for women's lives calls me to share this from my family history.

In the 1800s an ancestor's neighbor wanted to buy a certain milk cow. My farmer said, "I can't sell you that cow. That's my wife's cow." The neighbor said, "If you'd keep your wife in subdual the way I keep my wife, you could sell me that cow."

My ancestress came into sight, having overheard. She said, "He couldn't keep me in subdual, and if I were your wife, you couldn't either!"

Doing away with women's health care including abortion rights is about keeping women in subdual. Returning to the 1800s and earlier. Women need to be sure to vote in the 2022 elections and onward. Get rid of Republican males legislating as if this is the 1800s.

Lynn Rudmin Chong


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