To The Daily Sun,

Laconia Police Chief Canfield has stated that there is no evidence that the rooftop gunmen at Sunday's Black Lives Matter rally broke any laws, as no witnesses have come forward to say that they actually pointed their weapons at the crowd below. But such a report did make it to NHPR, where it was broadcast on Monday morning. If this did happen, I truly hope any witnesses will come forward.

The chief "had no problem" with the presence of armed counter-protesters, but the community members apparently didn't agree. Had I seen militia-types with assault weapons on the rooftop, I would have been alarmed enough to alert those around me as well as the police. What were they doing there? They did not shoot, but if they had chosen to do so, it would've been too late for those in the line of fire. We know from recent history that these things can happen anywhere — and they do.

Finally, the fact that there there is no training standard required to possess and carry assault weapons, as Chief Canfield noted, is not just outrageous, but frightening to most law-abiding citizens. Knowing that anyone, however unqualified, can brandish military-grade weapons doesn't make the public more secure.

I like to think that Chief Canfield's remarks were not intended to sound cavalier about public safety. But, to this reader at least, neither did they sound reassuring.

Karin Mattson


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Alan Moon

The people you saw with guns were also exercising their constitutional rights to assemble peacefully and to bear arms as they see fit. There were reports of large groups of out-of-state people arriving in Laconia, bragging about how they were going to do to us what they did to New York and other riot zones. They soon figured out that they weren't in NYC anymore and disappeared back to the socialist utopia the came from. If the sight of armed citizens frightens you maybe you are on the wrong side.


Actually there is no reason to bring a gun to a protest. I am glad those with guns did not use them but they should not have been there with guns. It was an attempt to intimidate which did not work.

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