To The Daily Sun,

As of this writing, the federal government is still shutdown. More families are finding it increasingly difficult to "make do" with no income. The ripple effect is being felt far and wide across this nation. There is one person who can end this impasse by just admitting he was and is the cause of the shutdown. Sadly and unfortunately his character flaws won’t permit him to admit he is wrong and made a terrible, horrible decision.

Alas, it’s not only Mr. Trump who is causing so much pain and suffering far and wide. The three branches of government — the Executive, the Legislative, and the Judicial — are separate but equal to each other. That is the way the Founding Fathers intended it. Can you imagine if the chief justice of the Supreme Court said: "Please let us know what cases we should review this period" and then only processed what the president wanted them to? So then why is the U.S. Senate being prevented by the Senate majority leader from re-opening our government? Because he is allowing the president to direct the legislative branch, i.e. the United States Senate.

The House is clear on its independence. Both the House and Senate have the votes to re-open those aspects of the federal government that are currently shut down, but Mitch McConnell is in direct collusion with the president to keep the government shuttered. It is two rich men who continue to be paid that is causing this embarrassment.

The following describes the type of person that Congress has to deal with: egotistical to a fault, ill-informed, habitual and pathological liar, inconsistent, shallow, prone to extreme exaggeration, disingenuous, invites discord, delights in turmoil, lacks substance in his statements, malice aforethought, slanderous, insipid, inconsistent, extremely ignorant, petty, pretentious, contentious, excessive distrust of others, a bully, inordinate fascination with himself, vain, lacks sympathy and compassion for others, invites chaos, ignores the truth. But most egregious of all, never ever apologizes for his behavior or serious mistakes.

“A coward is incapable of exhibiting love, it is the prerogative of the brave.”  — Mahatma Gandhi.

Bernadette Loesch


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Alan Moon

So this is the reason why Trump won't give in. He is offering practically every thing the Hypocrats have ever wanted for immigration policy, and he gets nothing but insults and rage in return. Why should he be nice to them? Fund the wall or nothing!




"make do" with no income? Don't any of these suffering, very well paid government workers have any savings? Charge cards? They live week to week? What a joke. You must have been watching CNN or MSNBC again.

Nancy and Chuck could also end the "suffering" by giving in to the wall - it's chump change compared to the $10 trillion in debt that Obama accumulated. They could at least show up to a meeting to discuss . And by the way - the are both also very rich.


Well, we certainly know what trashy faux news you read and watch!


They are all well off. Average worth for Senators is $3.2 million and in the House it is $900K.


Be grateful you are not in their situation as you so callously describe!


so true. You forgot that he is an idiot with a jackass hairdo

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