To The Daily Sun,

As COVID-19 continues to spread in the Lakes Region, I open this morning's email to a memo that another of my husband’s coworkers has tested positive. We have received this message every day for the past week. Driving through Laconia today I see that the local Cumberland Farms and Dunkin Donuts is suddenly temporarily closed?

My restaurant is closed because the owner does not feel comfortable exposing us to the public as these numbers climb daily. The CVS sign reads “Drive thru for COVID testing only”, and there are several cars in line.

I open the Laconia Daily Sun: the number of cases has about doubled in Belknap County in the past few days;  the school superintendent has tested positive; there has been a breakout in a residential care facility that took the life of a gentleman; another is in ICU at LRGH. There have been 2 more reported deaths of men in Belknap County, one can presume this sad news is coming from the New Hampshire Veterans Home in Tilton, 28 deaths to date.

In this same paper I find an insulting letter from the chair of the Belknap County Delegation. His attempt to spin HIS lack of effort to accommodate the residents of Belknap County into an issue of self-entitlement from “the left” (however not at all cohesively) is simply mind boggling. I was among those who requested remote access to the PUBLIC meeting on the county budget that was intentionally planned with no mask requirement and no social distancing protocol because the chair thinks masks are silly, and Zoom is “awkward.” That is funny, I thought public meetings were to accommodate the public. Every other delegation in the state was able to provide this to their constituents. This is not a political issue; it is a health issue.

I am indeed grateful for the roof over my head and the essential service I take for granted, I was among those who lost power last weekend. Thank you for your concern, but please let us not deflect from the issue of the incompetence demonstrated and disregard for those who do not wish to be in a room with people who have participated in a recent super-spreader event and PLEASE do not even try to play the “but the houseless people” card; you and your henchmen have done nothing but cut the past budgets of the very services that benefit those in need. One should mention there was a persistent cough during the meeting, was this person among the anti-maskers?

Thank you Reps. Lang and Bordes for being the grownups in the room and for acknowledging that the PUBLIC was not asking for much in this day of technology. I would include the others, but I could not see them to know who adhered to the governor’s mask mandate. Shame on you, Governor Sununu. Your “condemnation” falls on deaf ears and your mandate is a complete sham without enforcement. RIP to Rep. Hinch and my condolences to his family.

Johnna Davis


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Lang wasn't wearing his mask the whole time. You might want to check that.


Wah, wah, wah!



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