To The Daily Sun,


Thank you for electing me to represent you, the residents of Wards 1 & 2 in Franklin and Hill.

Being re-elected is quite rewarding. Although the Republicans did not do well in the state-wide election, I intend to keep my focus on the issues that make a difference to you. Some people say we need to compromise our principles to get something done, but this is where I draw the line. We can argue about how much we spend and some service, but not about life and our fundamental rights like the second amendment and keeping the government out of our family’s lives as protected in the NH Constitution. The upcoming session will have interesting dynamics. In this past legislative session, too, much nonsense passed, but I do not expect the monumental shift some are predicting (hoping).

I am sorry that I did not campaign harder. I walked (and drove) the district but not with the same intensity as my initial run to represent you. While I talked to some of you, I did not encounter as many as I should have. I need to hear directly from you about what impacts you. It seems that the loudest voice rules in the many meetings and forums. I plan to schedule a “Coffee with Dave” on regular basis where you can come and just talk about the issues or the weather. I won’t give up my regular updates in the newspaper but meeting with two or three over coffee is important. I’ll keep you up to date on when and where they will be.

I can’t finish this letter without giving special thanks to my family. First is to my loving wife, Karen, who is the best political advisor and critic and who keeps me going. Then to my children and their spouses and grandchildren, some of whom stood in the rain at the polls with my signs and others who give sage advice. In the end, I am just an engineer and pilot, not a politician and I appreciate all the help they provide.

As always, if you want to talk or just sit down for coffee, call me at 603-320-9524 or email me at


Dave Testerman

Representative for Franklin and Hill

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