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Circle Saturday, Dec. 7, on your calendar. Circle it to be at 52 Main St. in downtown Center Harbor from 2 to 6 in the afternoon. It is here that Humble Grunt Work, a newly recognized state organization, will be hosting its first annual ‘gala event’ to heap praise and gratitude upon men and women everywhere who interrupted their civilian life to serve in our armed forces.

Saturday’s Veterans Appreciation event is open to all ages and all ethnic backgrounds. Whether military service was rendered or not rendered, everyone is welcome!

The sheer presence of singer Mariah Delage, Keene’s 2018 Idol Contest winner, is in itself a premiere draw. Delage’s spectacular voice and free autograph sessions will mark but one of the many highlights of the day. Another attraction will include a “photo booth” for individual and family picture-taking at “no charge” throughout the afternoon.

Fifteen-minute wagon rides (14 passengers maximum) around Chase Corner to benefit Humble Grunt Work will be ongoing from 2 to 5. Veterans will ride free. Veterans will also receive THANK YOU SERVICE BAGS for having had the inner will and courage to enlist in our military.

Shanty 603, one of the better-known “food on wheels” services in the state, will provide $5 hot lunches, with proceeds benefiting Humble Grunt Work. Raffling of local business gifts and gift certificates will also serve as revenue for Humble Grunt Work.

Gingerbread decorating will provide creative family fun, as will the roasting of marshmallows and group caroling. THANK YOU CARD MAKING will be another program feature. The cards will then be sent to active military service members to make this day a most rewarding one for each sender.

Manchester Liberty House, a transitional home for well over 100 homeless veterans, will have a significant representation. Along with Humble Grunt Work founder Carla Taylor and faithful partners of her noble undertaking, these veterans will play prominently at the wreath-laying ceremony at 3 at nearby Lakeview Cemetery, a ceremony which will be the absolute highlight of all highlights on this most special Veterans Appreciation Day.

Roland Jutras


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