To The Daily Sun,

Set of Facts:

​The feds have all necessary individual/personal data (2019 earnings and 2020 earnings, at least to date) for almost all individuals in the U.S. We can assume the vast majority of such data apply to taxpaying folks. Others do file returns and may be in low-income circumstance. Others received the first check and will remain on the list, subject to the following suggestion.

That data allow the feds to easily calculate (by computer) an individual's financial loss during the pandemic. (Some of these losses may not be due to the pandemic but that factor is minuscule.)

Tailoring the “relief” checks to be in proportion to each individual loss is a computer function and is also “easy.” (Total distribution would be subject to the overall funding limit of the “program.”)

Above never mentioned or suggested in government or mainstream media worlds.

Please explain.

Guy Sanderson


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Good thought. I think that any COVID relief funds should be targeted in order to reduce impact on Federal debt. Most people don't understand that this money does not exist. Anyone who has the guts to stand up to this problem will never be elected. Idiots will continue to vote for the person giving out the most free stuff.


Aren’t u at the riots NH dud!

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