To The Daily Sun,

The New York University just made a startling announcement: Henceforth, their medical school will be tuition free. Imagine what it was like for the first-year students to hear that. Most of them already had upwards of fifty grand of debt from their undergraduate years. If the university, through endowments from some deep pockets, could do this act of paying forward, maybe some of those so blessed will continue the trend into the future.

So, the problem of doctor shortage may be easily solved by private donations and tax breaks for those who are giving. Why stop there? Why not do the same for those who are pursuing advanced nursing degrees and other medical specialties?

In a time when student debt is skyrocketing, can we try to slow it down? When businesses and banks get into trouble, they are forced into bankruptcy and are liquidated. Students don’t have that option. They can default but they continue to be pursued. Student debt exceeds that of credit cards. Talk about mortgaging your future! Most moms and dads can’t help much beyond cosigning because they are still paying off their own loans plus an additional hefty home mortgage. A relentless cycle of enslavement to money and those with the money. Historically, slavery was outlawed in the middle of the 19th century and yet....

I would like to invite some of the regular contributors to weigh in with their take on this problem. If some parents who are currently caught up in this web of debt want to vent, this is your chance to get it out there.

Bill Dawson


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