To The Daily Sun,
Amid all the turmoil over the Southern border, the Afghanistan debacle, and the multi-trillion-dollar infrastructure bill (read: huge pork barrel), Biden, Schumer, Pelosi and Company are quietly pushing another useless gun control bill.
This “commonsense” bill would only apply to us lowly commoners. The billionaires will still employ their own private well-armed security forces. The well-connected Hollywood and other elites and the politicians will still enjoy their private and public paid armed protection. This law will only be another attempt to disarm the millions of ordinary law-abiding private citizens.
Meanwhile, these DC hypocrites and the politicians of so many of the Democrat-controlled large cities continue their efforts to reduce funding for their police while their shooting and murder rates soar to ever higher levels. No rocket scientists there.
Let's take a look at this from the criminals' point of view. They don’t buy guns from gun shops, so this is just one more gun law to ignore. The background check is another joke for them. They are happy to see the focus on disarming the law-abiding citizens, which will make it much safer for them to rob, rape and plunder.
As proven time after time, “common sense” is in very short supply in the rejuvenated Swamp.
Donald Lockwood

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Alan Moon

The socialist politicians need to get rid of our guns because they are afraid that liberty loving Americans will finally have enough and shoot them.

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