To The Daily Sun,

How can any Democrat open his eyes to face the day? You know, the disintegrating environment, the polluted water, the ever hotter air, the greedy business people, the selfish, rich people, the white racists behind every tree, the awful Koch brothers, and all those kind hearted people with a spec of conscience trying to stop the wholesale, surgical, slaughter of innocent, unborn babies with heart beats for the singular and express purpose of political gain in the kiss as many butts as possible party of BIDEN-SANDERS & WARREN.

If the unborn at their first heart beat could vote, no Democrat man or woman, would ever be elected to public office in America. What the hell insight does that offer into the morals and ethics of Democrat's view of America today? All as the number of people attending religious services of all kinds declines precipitously while the screaming, “we must all HATE Trump crowd” decries incivility. Incivility Democrats provoke, then throw gasoline on with hopes to BUY or BRIBE a political gotcha moment.

Abortion isn’t a discussion about life or death or even right or wrong. Its about Democratic self-serving POLITICS in a head-on collision with common sense. The one most UN-common in the Democratic Party.

Liberals and academics refuse all cooperation. They refuse to debate objectively on the merits and substance of any issue. Disagreeing on bleeding red campuses everywhere will get you both blackballed and a genuine black eye. Possibly worse. College campuses have become the most INTOLERANT places on earth. All as university presidents waving their PhDs yell we need more diversity as long as they DICTATE (and hide) who’s diverse and who isn’t. It’s discrimination. It’s intentional. It’s the COLLEGE PRESIDENTS who should be going to JAIL in the recent cheating scandal. Not the parents or students.

All this assures the greatest number of Americans will be screwed over by intentionally manufactured dysfunction for political purposes. Democrats can then ride to the distressed’s rescue in a SANTA SUIT, so large and bright it can be seen from outside our galaxy. BERNIE and LIZZIE will require their sleighs be pulled by TEN THOUSAND reindeer, the damn thing will be that HEAVY. Do you how much FIFTY TRILLION in $20 bills weighs? It’s in the tens of tons.

This is the “see through,” BS game, the Democratic Party is consumed by today. Harm Main Street America as much as possible during Trump’s presidency. Then immediately stuff FREE and, cream-filled GOVERNMENT nipples in the mouths of the Democratic base in 2020 — funded by the taxes paid by Americas hardest working and most successful.

Just to be clear. That isn’t the Democrats. The vast majority of them pay little or NO income taxes at all. Hilariously, it’s that profit-producing scourge CAPITALISM that’s the exclusive source of every DIME socialist Bernie Sanders uses in his attempt to BUY the presidency.

If conniving, liar Hillary can yell the Republican Party is stuffed with ”DEPLORABLES,” I can scream the Democratic Party is stuffed with REPULSIVE, HEARTLESS, BRAIN-DEADS. We are sadly dealing with a party of SPITEFUL, VENGEFUL, ENVY-DRIVEN, INSENSITIVE, CAPITALIST-HATING, SOCIALIST-SOAKED, POWER-DESPERATE LUNATICS. They are, beyond debate, the FLIM-FLAM, “wham bam, thank you ma'am” BS artists of all time, forever trying to drive a “hate wedge” through every social and economic class in America.

Its non stop. Its deadly. It’s divisive. It has only ONE purpose: to anger blacks and minorities toward whites for political gain. It’s scorched earth, hell be damned, IDENTITY POLITICS. It’s an intentionally unleashed, ravaging CANCER that will slowly but surely destroy what America has stood for since our founding. It’s from DEMOCRATS.

Tony Boutin


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