To The Daily Sun,

A recent letter signed by local GOP representatives seemed to think that all we care about is money so vote GOP. How naive. We care about the values of decency and Trump's GOP is antithetical to values of tolerance and inclusion; of justice and equality; of compassion. They also claim that this economy is all Trump's doing. Nonsense.

Trump has only continued what Obama started when he helped us back from the worst economic disaster since 1929. The 2008 crash was helped by tax cuts and revenue cutting, too. Obama's economic approach after that financial disaster created 11.3 million jobs in a period of 75 straight months, which is the longest streak on record. It could have been more if not for the hateful obstruction. So let's dispense with the lying and ignorance about the economy. Let's stop the obfuscation and evasion about the Trump GOP.

Trump's GOP has no soul. It is indecent and has become a noxious cult. It's a radioactive superfund site that makes the old DC swamp look like a condo swimming pool. Vote Democrat and restore some dignity, integrity, and pride to our region, our state, and our nation. You have to be sick of the pathological dishonesty, the hate, and the bigotry by now.

It's been a long and deep repulsive flood of human rottenness starting at the top. That is not winning. As Max Boot, military historian and conservative pundit “The Republican Party has shown they will not stop Donald Trump’s abuses of power, and that they will continue remolding themselves in Donald Trump’s image unless they understand there’s a price to be paid at the ballot box,... I think, essentially, the Republican Party, as currently constituted, needs to be razed to the ground, it needs to be destroyed — and maybe, maybe, maybe out of the ashes we can build up a more reasonable center-right party which is something this country needs.”

James Veverka


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“Dignity”…you know…like Sick Willy lying to a federal grand jury over Monica and scandalous oral sex
“Integrity”…like Killiary raising 145 MIL with her ILLEGAL server—answering for Benghazi with…”next?”
“Pride”…like Jessie “counselling” Sick Willy with the ahem mistress aide he made pregnant by his side
So hey…you can saddle up a jackass or the TRUTH this coming midterms…any HONEST voters for ride ???


Your a little odd.


A little?


More "whataboutism". How childish to evade and avoid the present and run to the past. Stop watching right-wing news and grow up. Sick Willy vs Grab em by the what? Trump is an idiot followed by amoral idiots


People that use CAPS are screaming to be heard because somewhere along the line, people decided to ignore them. SO SCREAM ON! SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEAM! SCREEEEEEEEEEEAM ON! See? CAPS look stupid. CAPS are childish attempts to be recognized but they turn people off, making them move to the next letter. I have not read Tony Boutin in years because of CAPS. Even Steve Earle knows that CAPS are a stupid turnoff. A good writer doesn't need CAPS to convey a point. CAPS make people cringe which is why I never read Tony Boutin. Even when my liberal friends use CAPS, I skip their letters. CAPS are a weakness in writing. So what is your real name? CAPS! LOL

Alan Moon

"the republican party needs to be destroyed, razed to the ground" James? Those are not words designed to bring us all together are they? Anarchists are taking over the democrat party with people like you fanning the flames. be careful what you wish for.


That which has no soul should be buried, Akan Moon. Not interested in bringing right wing nuts together. They have to be smashed at the polls and sent to political oblivion where they belong. They need to be shamed and put on display for the sickness they spread


Some more things, Alan. Firstly, the quote you cited is from a conservative pundit, author, columnist, and military historian. Not a Democrat or an anarchist or "Marxist-Socialist" (LOL) Second, you need a dictionary. You have consistently misused "anarchists" and "socialism" in a way that shows everyone you don't know what they mean. It makes us laugh at you. Don't follow in the footsteps of Steve Earle or Russ Wiles who also have no clue what these words mean, either. They are imorally incorrigible and insufferably brainwashed by right-wing rhetoric. Especially Earle, who I almost never read anymore (along with Ewing and Boutin). They are ridiculous and unreachable stalwarts of bigotry, fearmongering and deceit. And BTW, it is Herr Trumpenfuhrer who is fanning the flames of division and hatred. He uses fascist language. Read history, read the news and stop watching Fox Lies


Alan can’t read. His glasses are far to red.


Alan, how do you bring together bigots and fools with people who treasure decency? Crickets I hear.

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