To The Daily Sun,

The recent coverage of the mayoral candidates and the public forums to be held is a great service to the citizens of Laconia. However, it is important for the public to know what the duties of the mayor are and those of the council.

Under the Rules of Procedure, Rule 5 (A) notes :“The mayor shall preside at meetings of the council and be recognized as the head of the city for all ceremonial purposes……”

Rule (B) The presiding officer (the Mayor) shall preserve order and decorum, may participate in the discussion of any issue before the Council, may submit reports and legislation to the council for its consideration which shall require both motion and second by other councilor, may speak to points or order or procedure, subject to appeal to the full council.”

Further, the Mayor can only vote if there is a tie and not in matters involving budget or finances.

The City Council is responsible for formulating policy, adopting an annual budget, enacting the laws of the city, and approving the use and care of city Property, including buildings, streets and other infrastructure. The council also appoints the city manager who oversees all city departments and its employees.

The decisions of how your city will be run lies in the hands of the council and not the mayor. Think about that when listening to the candidates.

One more thing, this is a nonpartisan election. The paper keeps pointing out the different parties the candidates belong to. In a city election, vote for the person who will be best for the city. There is no political party involved.

Brenda Baer


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