Mid-term elections happened, but they’re not yet over. As of this writing, the courts have ruled that the entire state of Florida’s votes must be recounted. It appears that some highly Democrat counties in Florida simply did not follow the law in a number of ways. Vote tallies were not conducted and submitted in the required times, and in highly Democrat Broward county 87,000 ballots were “found” a few days after the election had closed, it appears that there may have been votes cast by non-citizens, and administrators were found rewriting and resubmitting ballots that had not passed muster, and there’s more. While most of the attention has been focused on the governor and senate races in Florida, and for good reason, other irregularities have been popping up in Arizona and Illinois.

While these irregularities are being investigated and (hopefully) corrected, it does not appear that there will be a material change in the national scheme of things . . . the Democrats won the majority in the House of Representative and the Republicans won a slight increase in their majority in the Senate. But that’s not the news, that’s what had been anticipated. The news is that the Democrats have already begun their strategy to transition from their “resistance” to their intent to “resist and destroy”. The Democrats who take over various House Committee leadership roles have been blatant in their commentary on how they will do everything within their power to bring down the president and to prevent any progress towards working together to solve problems for we the people. In short, the citizens of all political persuasions lost.

— In Florida, Democrat Senator Nelson lost and Republican Scott won. That’s impossible! It’s not fair! It’s someone’s fault! We must resist.

— In Georgia, Republican Kemp won! Democrat Abrams lost! It’s not fair! It’s someone’s fault! We must resist!

— Across the country a number of Democrat challengers for congressional seats won and Democrats will become the majority in the House of Representatives.

— Republicans won a few more Senate elections and increased their majority slightly.

What’s interesting is that in those cases where the Democrats won, the Republican conceded. However, in cases where Democrats lost when they assumed they would win, Nelson and Abrams for example, Democrats immediately began a resistance calling for recounts and pressuring what had been rules and regulations on questionable ballots to be overlooked.

Seems like the new norm for Democrats is that if they “think” they should win, we must accept them as the victor, and the vote counts be damned.

We all remember that the odds of Ms. Clinton winning the 2016 election were overwhelmingly in her favor. They had the polls to prove it. However, polls aren’t as reliable as they used to be. That is partly because so many people now only have cell phones and not land lines and there is no telephone directory that provides those numbers. And, it appears that pollsters didn’t consider the fact that many people are simply tired of politicians of both parties serving themselves and not the people. President Trump won because so many citizens were rebelling against politicians and he was not a politician.

The mid-term elections had a very heavy voter turn-out and an enormous amount of money was spent. The Democrats raised a record amount and had the help of many celebrities in their campaign efforts. They raised almost one and a half billion dollars for the mid-term battle compared to the Republican’s one billion; staggering numbers for a mid-term election. The Republicans were outspent by over $370 million. While the Democrats did well in gaining control of the House of Representatives, they weren’t able to overtake the Republican’s slim  lead in the Senate.

Since then, Democrats have announced that they will be investigating just about every breathing Republican (although they may exempt Santa Clause until they see what he leaves them under the Christmas tree). Nancy Pelosi mentioned they will subpoena and investigate 95 Republicans and incoming Democrat committee chairpersons have been seen drooling in glee over their prospects for subpoena power.

What does all this noise mean? It means that we will have a dis-functioning government. Some will seek power to destroy. Some will persist to resist. Some will seek vengeance. Some will work to sweep the deep-state violations under the rug. Hopefully, some will put forth the effort necessary to save the Republic . . . to represent the needs of the people . . . otherwise we will have the resist and destroy era. Our Republic?

(Bob Meade is a Laconia resident. He may be reached at bobmeade13@gmail.com)

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Resist and obstruct a president and try to destroy him? Who would ever do that, Bob! Sounds like the vile GOP from 2008 to 2016. "Stop the counting"! You forgot that part. No surprise. The Dems just flipped seat number 38. Woo hoo! Subpoena time to drain the swamp! Finally! 19 indictment so far. And guess what, Bob? The FBI just deemed the Proud Boys a hate group. Yessiree! Down go the white nationalist!


Hey, your letter is a republican repeat with the same blame game.
I’m going to rake my yard now bob, because your tool of a president thinks that prevents forest fires.


Among my life experience has been an association with a conglomerate that made and sold a wide variety of brand name paper products. They owned 43,000 acres of forest land from which they got the raw material for their products. They continually felled trees and planted replacements for what they felled. And, they didn't leave dead wood scraps on the ground because, if they did, that dead wood would become the kindling that would ultimately destroy their 43,000 acres. That's called forest management. It's too bad you hide behind a nom de plume so you won't be held accountable for what you say. In this case: Trump right! Spellchecker wrong!


I cal BS.




That's fabulous Bob - so now you want to sell National Forests to large conglomerates so that they can rake the forest? Or better yet ALL forests ?? You are the perfect Goebbels to Trump's Hitler and Moon is just Eva Braun


I see that Mr. Vervaeke is still into calling names. That usually happens when a person is unable to make a cogent argument of their own. I gather you don't have much business experience and simply don't understand that in business, the natural thing to do is protect and restore assets. Government doesn't operate that way . . . bureaucrats just spend and tax.


I see still Mr Meade you can not distinguish a comparison of your way of thinking VS name calling a person.

Alan Moon

we will save the Republic Bob.


Start the parade with the clowns 1st I say....🤡 Republicans


You're destroying it, science deniers [alien]

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