To The Daily Sun,

Contingency plans? Responsibility and accountability?

Well, hearing those words a lot after the horse was out of the barn. My heart broken one more time.

Thirteen Marines killed, one of those Marines a corpsman from the Navy. Now, who resigns for probably one of, if not the greatest failures of the war! Military ignorance from the commander in chief, secretary of defense, generals and staff. Let’s see ... who is standing with a hand up? How do we name this pull out, leaving Americans and help alive to be slaughtered? Peace with honor has been used.

Media gradually pulling away. Back on vaccines, school kids, the next step. I enjoyed the fact that when it all went to hell the vice president was in Vietnam! Remember Vietnam? Communist now you know. Would shuck us in a flash and go with China or Russia. I mentioned once before, the senator standing in the senate after the embargo was lifted and stating, “Now we’ll see an American Flag on every street corner in Vietnam.” Just so ignorant.

From here where do we go? Sit with the Taliban and become buddies and tell war stories? We’d have to bury our heads. Not our boots, NEVER the boots! Those suits in DC, you’re slowly losing us, the people of this nation. Didn’t just happen. Took years but I think you’ve done it! Faith, trust, truth, responsibility and accountability … lost!

Bob Jones


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Go blame Trump!

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