To The Daily Sun,

It was awful to read about another shooting in the news, but this time it was local. I was saddened to read both parents lost their lives and a child is being charged with the crime. I can’t being to comprehend the horror that went on for probably a few brief minutes in that house on that day.

I could say sorry for the loss once again, but how many more times can you just keep saying that?! I feel bad for the family, friends and children, including the suspect, of this local gun tragedy. I also feel bad for the town of Alton and its residents. Until laws and people change, this will continue to happen. Now, it is at our own front door, what town and who will be next?

Guns are here to stay, but better rules and regulations need to be in place. Because, the ones that are, just don’t seem to work well for these victims and their families. I have hope that one day both sides will see a solution and we will all be better for it.

“Courage and conviction are powerful weapons against an enemy who depends only on fists or guns. Animals know when you are afraid; a coward knows when you are not.”

Denise C. Burke


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Wow Moon your colors shine through. Thanks for the unhinged answer and hope you just proved a point. You ONLY care about you and your lover gun.


Well said, 67. But as the old saying goes, you can lead a horse to water .....

Alan Moon

We know almost no facts about this tragic incident at this point, but some people automatically blame the gun first. There are some things in this world that no new laws can fix.


Blaming an object is silly and I have heard that one as well. True, we don’t know the facts. Was it impluse or anger? Was there any mental health issues? It is tragic and there was more than one gun in the house, I believe. So why no locks? Was there a gun case? Was the gun left loaded? Why if you need a license to drive, why no license for owning a gun? Why are people not required to have gun safety lessons? Why is the back round check not more involved or take longer to process it? Simply solutions, yet no one wants them Every one keeps thinking every one wants to take away guns. Not from the GOOD owners, just the WRONG owners. And why would anyone want an assault rifle?! Why do some people own so many and Is there a limit to how many guns ONE person really needs? This is my concern. If your a good gun owner then no worries. But, if you have a history of mental illness, violence, depression, anger, etc... no you should NEVER have a gun, period! It is to much of a risk for to many innocent people. I am so sick of reading these stories day after day. You like to hunt, hunt what you eat, not trophies You want to protect your family, ok you can do that without an assault rifle. Maybe you can answer me or maybe not. Because I doubt these killings don’t bother you, even if you love guns.

Alan Moon

The obvious answer to most of your questions is that it's none of your d-mn business. Who is going to determine the right people from the wrong ones, YOU? No thank you.

Alan Moon

It should be safe to assume that a whole lot of things went wrong here and we may never find out because of the secrecy laws. Most likely there are many layers of liability to go around. Instead of putting the blame on every gun owner out here and trying to make us all feel guilty and pay somehow for the crimes and negligence of some one else, just tone down the emotions and think about it for a while.

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