To The Daily Sun,

There were a number of people who wrote letters insisting that referring to the current coronavirus should be known as the "China" virus. As their logic they tell us that the origination of the Spanish Flu of 1918 started in Spain. The answer is not that simple. In doing a simple internet search I found the following which debunks the origination of the Spanish Flu: “Although the Spanish Flu's exact point of origination has been hotly debated, some contend it all began in Haskell County, Kansas. There's a long-held theory that Camp Funston, a U.S. Army base, was home to the first confirmed outbreak on March 11, 1918.”

The exact origination of the current coronavirus is debatable. Coronavirus’ have been with us for many decades. Dr. June Almeida (who was born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland) is credited with "discovering" a unique virus. In viewing this virus through an electron microscope she observed a similarity to the tiara worn by the Queen of England… thus the name coronavirus. Her discovery happen in the early 1960s. Prior to the development of the electron microscope scientists were not able to view many types of bacteria and virus’ with the ordinary microscope. Bravo and kudos to Dr. Jane Almeida whose formal education ended when she left school at age 16.

The current iteration of the COVID-19 earned it’s name and is a combination of a coronavirus that was diagnosed and "typed" in 2019.

Bernadette Loesch


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