To The Daily Sun,

Things that I think are funny:

— Democrats wanted Avenatti for president.

— The leader of the Democrat party is AOC.

— The Democrat party is now the Socialist Party.

— Democrats do not know the meaning of the word ‘illegal’.

— Social Security for illegal immigrants.

— Driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants

— Jussie Smollett is innocent, ask Michelle Obama

— Socialist Venezuela is a total disaster. What do AOC and Bernie think?

— “Pencil Neck’ Adam Schiff stated that there is still ample evidence of collusion.

— Abolish the Electoral College. Why would any presidential candidate want to come to N.H.?

— President Trump met with Alexander Ovechkin at the White House. He is a friend of Putin, isn’t this collusion? Oh, he is a hockey player!

— Lower the voting age to 16. When I was 16, the last thing on my mind was voting.

— I think it is sad that I am not winning on my March Madness brackets.

I am a proud veteran and a supporter of President Trump. Some things he does are different; however any version of President Trump is better than Hillary Clinton.

Jim Mayotte


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(4) comments

Common Sense

You sound like every other brainwashed Trump follower to me. Repeating the narratives, kicking sand in the face of democrats like you're a jock and we're skinny weaklings, swearing allegiance to a draft dodger. This is a strange time to be an American.


Any one and I mean any one is better than the Doodle we have in office now.

Alan Moon

Glad somebody is paying attention. Trump Derangement syndrome is reaching epidemic proportions out there.


The only derangement is coming up red!

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