The petulance of the “Resistance” is not diminishing. The Left still cannot believe that Ms. Clinton lost to a non-politician. That petulance has so pervaded the political Left that it seems willing to destroy our democratic republic. Ignored is the fact that she was a poor candidate who took her “coronation” as a given. Also ignored are the facts; yes, please underscore, the facts!

When she was Secretary of State, Ms. Clinton had installed a private unauthorized internet “server” in a closet somewhere, on which she conducted both personal and government business; including government classified information. There is no telling as to how many times the server had been hacked by outside sources. Ms. Clinton destroyed over 30,000 government e-mails that were on that server, after they had been subpoenaed. That’s multiple crimes!

From what we’ve learned, thousands of Clinton’s government e-mails were found on the laptop computer of Anthony Weiner, the disgraced former representative and estranged husband of Huma Abedin, Clinton’s closest aide both at the State Department and during the campaign. Another crime(s).

And there is the plethora of evidence gained from the cell phones of a number of members of the FBI which clearly show that the FBI and other government resources had been “weaponized” in an effort to prevent Trump from getting elected. That evidence showed that the “White House” was to be “kept in the loop,” an indication that the highest levels of our government were willing to violate laws in order to ensure Clinton’s success.

The petulance then took on a more shrill and desperate sound as Donald J. Trump won the election and Ms. Clinton lost. Then the battle became one of resist and destroy . . . no matter what the cost to individuals, or to the country. The first giant step was to appoint a “Special Counsel” to investigate President Trump for “collusion,” claiming that he had colluded with Russia to rig the election. The special counsel who was appointed was a long-time friend of James Comey, the fired former FBI Director. The investigative staff were all long-time Democrats and some had a very checkered past. (Another side note is that Comey again violated the law by leaking government information to a friend with the instructions to give it to the New York Times for publication ... because Comey wanted a special counsel to be appointed to investigate the president.)

Facts are that our government violated an abundance of laws in their effort to ensure a Clinton victory and a Trump defeat. Starting at the White House, cabinet members violated their oaths and trod on the trust of the American people. The head of the CIA violated the law that prohibits the CIA from spying on American citizens. In 1947, President Truman was concerned that, without that provision in the charter, the agency would engage in political abuse. President Truman was right, as even before the election was held, the CIA contracted with a foreign government intelligence agency to do just that. And it gets worse.

Also, before the election, the Clinton Campaign, the Democrat National Committee, and the FBI, all paid money to fund the infamous “dossier” which was designed to destroy the ability of Trump to win the election or, if he did, to provide information that would lead to his ouster (impeachment).

That dossier was used as evidence to secure warrants four times from the FISA Courts; each time giving the FBI the ability to spy on the Trump campaign while, ostensibly, investigating a Trump campaign aide. (As a side note, the campaign aide is a retired Naval officer and a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy who had been an investigative resource for our government for a number of years. The man had/has an unblemished record.) In these four instances, the FBI violated the law because they were using so-called “evidence” that they knew to be false in order to secure the warrants from the FISA court. More crimes!

The special counsel investigation took two years and cost the taxpayers about $40 million dollars. In the process, in their efforts to get the aides to provide testimony of Trump wrongdoing, they went well beyond the period of the campaign. They delved into the personal and business lives of the campaign aides for years before the campaign period. Some were bankrupted by the legal costs they incurred, and others were treated with Gestapo-like tactics as, on multiple occasions, fully armed investigators broke into the homes of campaign aides in the middle of the night to search their homes and take their personal property and take them into custody. None were charged with anything to do with Russia, collusion, or improper campaign activities.

There’s more just like what you’ve read. Bottom line is that we now know that our government has been weaponized and has violated the laws and the rights of many citizens. Sadly, many on the political left are continuing this disgusting pursuit beyond anything our country has ever before experienced.

Every day this continues, the greater the risk that our country and our freedoms will not survive.

Bob Meade is a Laconia resident. He may be reached at

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