LACONIA — Belknap County Sheriff Mike Moyer said Thursday that allegations made against him by County Commissioner Hunter Taylor are baseless and, should there be any investigation into his conduct, he is confident he would be exonerated.

Taylor sent a letter to Belknap County Attorney Andrew Livernois a week ago asking that he investigate Moyer for possible alleged violations of two statutes — official oppression and conspiracy — in connection with investigations into the conduct of former Sheriff’s Department Lt. David Perkins.

“I want to have this whole thing investigated,” Moyer said. “It’s ludicrous. He’s corrupt in the way he is interpreting the law,” he said of Taylor’s allegations.

Taylor’s letter to the county attorney came one week after Moyer sent a letter to Livernois, asking that Taylor be investigated for allegedly leaking information from confidential letters and non-public (closed-door) commission meetings to the media and the public, charges which Taylor has denied.

Taylor said in an article published Thursday that Moyer may have broken the law because he failed to initiate an investigation into concerns, raised by Perkins, into the integrity of the Sheriff’s Department’s Drug Task Force, which is led by Sgt. Bill Wright, who is running to replace Moyer as sheriff.

“He has no idea what I have investigated or not,” Moyer said. “He doesn’t know the inner workings of the department.”

Moyer, who as sheriff is a county officer elected by the voters, said he does not discuss such matters with the commissioners.

“I don’t have to talk about (Sheriff’s Department) personnel matters with the commission,” he said.

Moyer said that in April or May he requested the County Commission bring in a “third party” to investigate his handling of the Perkins-Wright matter. He said the investigation has been completed and that the commission has the report, although he has not seen it.

“I hope that report becomes public,” he said.

County Commission Chairman David DeVoy said Thursday he has read the investigation report, but that neither Taylor nor Commissioner Glen Waring has so far done so.

“I wish they would read it,” DeVoy said. “Then they would see that there’s been no wrongdoing in the Sheriff’s Department.”

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