Roller Coaster Yard

Two cars, a sailboat, and other items sit in the side yard of the house at 501 Roller Coaster Road, in Laconia. The owner, Robert Kjellander, is being taken to court by the city for allegedly running a junkyard on his property. Kjellander says he is doing nothing wrong. (Michael Mortensen/The Laconia Daily Sun)

LACONIA — A court hearing is scheduled for Friday involving a local resident the city alleges is running a junkyard on his Roller Coaster Road property.

The city has filed suit against Robert Kjellander, of 501 Roller Coaster Road, and is asking the judge to fine him until he removes the assortment of cars, boats and farm implements from his property.

In replying to the suit, Kjellander, who is acting as his own attorney, denied the city’s allegation. “I am not selling parts. I am not open for business,” he said in a hand-written response that is part of the case file.

A preliminary hearing has been scheduled for Friday in Belknap Superior Court, when the judge is expected to ask the city’s attorney and Kjellander to clear up any issues and administrative details that can be handled prior to trial.

Kjellander’s old Cape-style farmhouse sits on the corner of Roller Coaster Road and Parade Road (Route 106) just south of the Laconia-Meredith line. Several of the vehicles and other items are visible from both roads.

Laura Spector-Morgan, the city’s attorney in the matter, said no city official has been on the property to make an inventory of the vehicles.

The city first notified Kjellander in writing on July 3, 2004, that he was in violation of city ordinances. The city sent 10 written warnings between July 2004 and July 18 of last year. Spector-Morgan then sent him a letter regarding the alleged violations last Sept. 18, according to court documents.

The city is seeking to have the judge impose a $275-a-day fine, effective July 18, 2018, which, if imposed, would amount to $105,875 as of today’s date.

Kjellander states in court filings that all the antique cars on the property are registered, and the other vehicles he has never leave the property.

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