Elections: Budget Committee for three years (one seat) — David Ruell, 158; Kathy Beard, 109. Trustee of Trust Funds for three years (one seat) — Mark Ober Sr., 204; Walter Durack 73.

Operating Budget: $2,832,844 — 158-157 (Approved).

Bonds: $1.8 million road and water reconstruction project — 167-143 (Defeated — three-fifths vote required for passage). $500,000 septage receiving station — 223-84 (Approved).

Revaluation: Establish capital reserve fund and set aside $20,000 toward revaluation of the town — 147-161 (Defeated).

Building and Grounds: Change purpose of Building Maintenance and Repair capital reserve fund to Building Maintenance and Grounds — 156-149 (Defeated — two-thirds majority required).

Add 2 Per Diem Firefighters: 160-147 (Approved).

Conservation Commission: Change membership from five to three — 193-103 (Approved).

Petitioned Articles: Replace town administrator with town manager — 181-113 (Approved). Reduce Board of Selectmen from five to three members — 114-181 (Defeated). All petitioned articles to support outside agencies passed.


Elections: Selectman for three years (two seats) — Leslie Dion, 267; J.P. Morrison, 239; Douglas A. Voelbel, 202. Budget Committee for three years (two seats) — Walter Waring, 296; Tom Kaempfer, 27 write-ins. Budget Committee for two years (two seats) — Janet Cavanagh, 290; Joseph Dillier, 267. Budget Committee for one year (two seats) — Joseph T. Caristi, 259; David Carr, 200; Scott Sanschagrin, 165.

Keno: 181-202 (Defeated).

Petitioned Articles: Amend definition of boat storage — 188-191 (Defeated).

Business Meeting: Saturday, March 16, 9 a.m., Newfound Regional High School.

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