Sandwich Notch Road

Sandwich Notch Road is often used by outdoors enthusiasts to access remote areas. On May 2, a party of fishermen stumbled upon human bones while deep in the woods. (Adam Drapcho/The Laconia Daily Sun photo)

SANDWICH — A group of fishermen, following a brook into the woods off of Sandwich Notch Road, discovered human remains on Sunday, May 2. The remains are being analyzed by the state’s Chief Medical Examiner in hopes that they’ll be able to determine the identity of the person in question.

“We may not get word for a while,” said James Fogarty, a lieutenant with State Police and commander of Troop E.

The remains, which Fogarty described as “skeletal,” were found near a stream in Sandwich Notch. To access the site, responders traveled down Sandwich Notch Road, then Algonquin Road, up a snowmobile trail and then walked along the stream.

“The remains were located deep in the woods in a remote location, and were located by sportsmen,” Fogarty said.

The bones were scattered through the woods, as though by scavenging animals. The May 2 response occurred after nightfall; a subsequent search by state police, aided by sunlight and a search dog, yielded additional remains and other materials, Fogarty said.

A spokesperson for the Department of Justice said the investigation into the cause and manner of death and identification is expected to last a number of months.

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