40-20 Miracle Season

Joan Forge, well-known volleyball coach, is inviting all fans and players of the sport to attend a screening of "Miracle Season" at Gilford Cinemas 8 on Sunday evening. (Adam Drapcho/Laconia Daily Sun)

GILFORD — The local volleyball community is tight-knit, and no one knows that better than Joan Forge, who coached at Gilford High School for 33 years and is now the coach at Plymouth State University. When her new team heard that a feature film would depict their sport, they told their coach that they wanted to see it together. Forge has taken that one step further and is inviting all local volleyball players and fans to attend a showing of the film this weekend.

“Miracle Season,” which is rated PG and has a running time of one hour, 39 minutes, tells the story of a high school volleyball team that has to come together after the death of one of their star players. Gilford Cinema 8 will begin screening the film starting today, Friday, but Forge is planning to attend the Sunday, 7 p.m. showing.

Across the country, “Miracle Season” is captivating the volleyball community, which rarely sees itself represented on the big screen, she said.

“I’ve seen team photos in front of the cinemas, it’s their sport, it’s a movie about their sport and it’s a true story,” said Forge.

The local girls who play volleyball are a close group, Forge said. Although high school teams compete against one another during the NHIAA season, the players will get to know each other at skills camps and with play alongside their regular-season opponents on junior olympics teams.

“There’s a lot of camaraderie,” she said. Likewise, their families get drawn into the scene, and will get to know their volleyball players’ contemporaries on the court.

“It affects families, parents, brothers and sisters, friends,” she said, encouraging all fans of the sport to come to the movie, especially on Sunday evening. She hopes that local players will come wearing their team colors to share in the experience of the film.

“To watch it surrounded by volleyball teams will be an inspirational, unique experience,” she said. “It’s going to be a heart-warming story to share together with people who share the bond of volleyball.”


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