Kick for Cancer Charity Martial Arts Tournament

Franklin VNA & Hospice received a donation this spring from the the 30th Annual Kick for Cancer Charity Martial Arts Tournament, held at Bill Gregory's Kajunkenpo Pai Lum. (Courtesy photo)

FRANKLIN — On April 5, students of Bill Gregory's Kajunkenpo Pai Lum gathered to kick for a cause. The kids kicked over 1,000 times to raise money for hospice. After every 100 kicks, students took a break to learn more about the work hospice does.

The kickathon was followed a few weeks later by a martial arts tournament, and funds from both events were distributed to several hospice agencies for patient care. Franklin VNA & Hospice was one agency chosen to benefit from the determination and strength displayed by the students.

"We are so grateful for the hard work done by the martial arts students and the donation. What a wonderful way to show students how much they can accomplish by their hard work and gumption, and what a huge help this will be to our hospice patients," said Tabitha Dowd, executive director of Franklin VNA & Hospice.

Rob Rowe, black belt and instructor at Bill Gregory's Kajunkenpo Pai Lum, was the primary organizer of the 30th Annual Kick for Cancer Charity Martial Arts Tournament, the longest running charity martial arts tournament in the state. 

Rowe came to Bill Gregory's Kajunkenpo Pai Lum a few years ago, after a head injury he sustained during deployment to Iraq that ended his military career. He says the focus and concentration of martial arts helped him learn to navigate the world again.

For more information, call 603-934-3454 or visit

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