03-08 COM Boot Camp

From left, Karen Schaffner, Judy Smith, Dee Dee Monahan, Beth Musto, Tammy Lavesque, Scott Bishop, and Sheryl Brochu. (Courtesy photo)

ASHLAND — New Hampshire Adventure Boot Camp for Women, owned by Dee Dee Monahan, recently offered an opportunity for clients to support the Circle Program during their workout. Monahan and Tammy Levesque ran their regular Saturday morning classes as contribution-based chances to participate in boot camp, with all proceeds donated to the Circle Program.

Monahan, a former mentor for the Circle Program, and Levesque suggested the organization. Levesque was happy to volunteer for this cause, recruiting Karen Schaffner to offer support was well. Schaffner is also a Circle mentor who participates regularly in boot camp, and said she was happy to help spread the word on behalf of the Circle Program.

Scott Bishop from Bishop Homes in Holderness, a friend of the boot camp and the Circle Program, stepped up and decided to match the proceeds. This brought the combined total donation of close to $800, to support high school teens in attending the Teen Adventure Program for a week.

The relationship between New Hampshire Adventure Boot Camp and the Circle Program will continue to build. Monahan has offered to visit Circle Camp to lead boot camp activities to Circle girls. 

New Hampshire Adventure Boot Camp is located at Mill 3, 39 Winter St. at the first refurbished mill owned by Judy and Tim Smith. For more information, visit www.nhbootcamp.com, including class schedule.

For more information about the Circle Program, visit www.circleprogram.org.

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