02-26 BUS Yap

Dr. Ronald Yap

CONCORD — Concord Hospital Trust, the philanthropic arm of Concord Hospital, recently elected Dr. Ronald Yap as board chair. Other new officers include Charles Fanaras, vice chair; Richard Pitman, secretary; and Claudia Walker, immediate past chair. New board members include Marianne Cook of Concord and Don Welford of Laconia.

Returning board members include Mary Boucher; C. Thomas Brown; Lynda Caine; Suzanne Meyer; Marcia Moran, Esq.; Sol Asmar, Concord Hospital

board chair, ex-officio; Robert Segal; Robert P. Steigmeyer, president; Natalia Strong; Jeffrey Towle; and Claudia Walker.

In addition, Trustee Emeritus honors were bestowed on Dr. Michael Lynch, retiring board chair and founding board member; and Dr. Gerry Smith, former board chair and founding board member.

“It is an honor to serve Concord Hospital Trust,” said Ronald Yap, MD. “As a practicing urologist, I personally see great impact of the Trust in supporting our system's charitable mission. We face many challenges in today's healthcare climate. Charitable investments ensure that we continue to deliver the high quality care our community deserves. I will work tirelessly with the Trust team to encourage our culture of philanthropy and service to others.” 

For information on the Concord Hospital Trust, call 603-227-7162, or visit ch-trust.org.

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