To The Daily Sun,

This is the present day conundrum for the Republican Party. The GOP knows that the Trump administration will be causing them to lose many districts and states which were "sure bets" for many election cycles. They know full well that their devious and deceptive practices have been laid bare for all to see and scrutinize. They know full well they are very vulnerable. They know that they will have to further the outright lies and practices of Trump's cabinet in order to 'hold on' to his 35 percent solid base. They have three choices: either continue business as usual or retire or resign before their term expires.

Now, let’s consider Vice President Pence as a viable option who might be "replacing" Trump. Pence is nothing more than a good "soldier" and loyalist to the party and its philosophy. As a good and loyal soldier, his decisions have been made for him. The GOP accepted Trump, warts and all. They took a great big gamble that they would still be able to further their agenda in spite of Trump. In believing this basic premise, they made a bargain to get in bed with the devil.

Many of the people who worked in the Trump administration and believed they could overlook Trump's horrendous tactics and still try to do their jobs, realized it was an exercise in futility, and got out! They realized they couldn't take enough showers to wash away the stench! We have been a witness, over these many months of Trump, to a political revolution for all the wrong reasons. Trump has taken the Republican Party hostage and there might not be enough money in their war chest to change the mindset of enough voters to keep a tightfisted control over their loyalists. They might be able to neutralize Trump in some respects, but there has been too much damage done for them to be able to advance their agenda.

I do not believe Pence is either able or is willing to be their 'savior’. And as a dominionist*, Mike Pence may actually be far worse than Donald Trump already is.

*do·min·ion·ism (də-mĭn′yə-nĭz′əm) n. 1. The theory or doctrine that Christians have a divine mandate to assume positions of power and influence over all aspects of society and government.

Bernadette Loesch


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Right on! He is scary!

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