To The Daily Sun,

The Lakes Region enjoys Bike Week every June. Sturgis, S.D., enjoys theirs every August. Their event ended in August. A half million people plus show up for the two-wheel blowout. About twice the number as visit Laconia. Sturgis boasts broad support from people of every social and economic strata of life. People from Wall Street to Main Street and well beyond. Sturgis isn’t a political event, but it offers a rare looking glass into politics.

If Sturgis represents that variegated slice of Americana sponsors claim it does, Donald Trump needs not worry; he’ll be elected to a second term. In Sturgis, it was as if no one else but him is running for president. Trump souvenirs blanketed the Black Hills town. The MAGA hats, the coffee mugs, plates, flags, banners, drink coasters, key chains, flasks and every manner of paraphernalia with Trump’s face or name emblazoned on all of it.

Trump isn’t some Socialist, lightweight, heavy-lip, empty-mind, full BS, donkey jockey from the clown car collection. Trump isn’t just a person. He’s become his own iconic “political brand” recognized around the globe. Now, even imitated. Trump’s unconventional, political twin Boris Johnson just got elected to lead England out of what could be a difficult Brexit. Trump long ago surpassed Hillary Clinton as the most recognized person in politics in America and the world. He has even surpassed Obama, and Obama had a natural, God-given advantage in the race-baiting, color-obsessed pig sty Democrats wallow in.

No appearance of the “bobble head five” — Biden, Booker, Bernie, Beto & Bettigieg — at Sturgis. But there were thousands of them with Trump’s bobbing head in every store and tent vendor. No Kewpie dolls of “Krazy Kamala”, “Lunatic Lizzie”, Amy, Kirsten or Tulsi either at Sturgis, but there were endless rows of Trump squishy dolls for sale in every color and size. Trump was everywhere. His was the only political presence at Sturgis.

Sturgis enthusiasts strongly embrace Trump’s politically “incorrect” persona. Many of the 500,000 people are the concrete in Trump’s base. These people respect Trump’s courage to take on China’s in-your-face intellectual property theft and currency manipulation aimed to make them economic king. These bike riders understand exactly what MAGA really means. Why else would Trump be the only political presence at Sturgis? Vendors sure didn’t spend thousands of dollars on Trump stuff thinking it would lack popularity to sell.

The Sturgis ride is a pilgrimage. It’s deeply patriotic. It’s an expression of freedom. Freedom from the liberal, nanny state, go nowhere, straightjacket Democrats like Obama/ Biden crammed down America’s throat for eight straight years. The kind of failed policies and leadership that hurt these people and their families across the entire rust belt.

The blue collar, very white, industrial midwest became “fly over” country years ago for Democrats now focused on welfare-dependent, rat-infested, coastal hellhole cities like Baltimore. The front seat of the donkey jalopy is now reserved for blacks and minorities that populate those places in the millions. It’s now blacks against whites as a political bet for the presidency. With Democrats, it’s always someone against someone else. The poor against the rich, public enterprise against private. Socialism against capitalism? Abortion supporters against pro-lifers. Women against men. The young against the old. The college-educated against the uneducated. The climate-huggers against the deniers. The likely minority city voter against the likely white rural voter. It never ends with them. Democrats sow and fertilize hate and dissension across America as a political tool. Their concern for humanity trolls the bottom of a cesspool.

Riding a “HOG” made in the bullseye of the rust belt by Harley Davidson in Milwaukee from there to Sturgis is as good as freedom gets. Trump is the Sturgis hero for a reason. He identifies deeply with these people and they identify with him like no other candidate does. If the election had been held in Sturgis last month, Trump would have won in a massive landslide.

Tony Boutin


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