To The Daily Sun,

Living in a pandemic, I have been thinking a lot about my health. And whenever I talk to my friends who are also seniors in Gilford, I hear them say the same thing: We are worried about the uncertainty of our health and our health care.

I know one thing for sure. Donald Trump has abandoned seniors by trying to rip away our health care coverage. His efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act would endanger Medicare access for over 300,000 Granite Staters. Trump has claimed he “has a plan” for healthcare since 2016 – yet still nothing. His claim has become is a very bad joke.

We need a president who will fight to protect our health care and who will not allow pharmaceutical companies to prey on seniors who rely on prescription drugs. Joe Biden will be that president. He will expand the Affordable Care Act by lowering the Medicare enrollment age. He will also make health care more affordable for Granite Staters. I am voting for Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Senator Shaheen.

Remember that protecting health care depends on ALL our representatives up and down the ballot! We need state and national congressional support to save health care. Vote the whole ballot for the strongest team I’ve ever seen! Vote BLUE all the way through! In Gilford-Meredith, please vote for: Diane Hanley, Shelley Carita, Natalie Taylor, and Dara McCue. Our lives depend on your vote.

Gaye Fedorchak


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I'm 68 years old. I have medicare and a supplementary plan. Have no evidence that the President is taking away my health care. Vote for Trump - keep America great.

Alan Moon

Seniors have Medicare already subsidized by Uncle Sam. There are other forms of insurance for everyone else.

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