To The Daily Sun,

This letter is to call out Mr. Robert Miller of Alton for his crafty lie — or inability to quote accurately. In his Feb. 27 letter, Miller misquotes Mr. Don Ewing of Meredith from his Feb. 20 letter. Miller’s quote is, “Every day an average of five people (DHS members) are killed by illegal aliens in our country.” Ewing’s Feb. 20 letter actually reads: “… (DHS numbers)…,” not “DHS members.”

Miller’s misquote significantly changes the meaning of Ewing’s quoted statement. And, it changes the meaning to support Miller’s stated views on the subject. So, Mr. Miller, is it a crafty lie or simply a misquote (rhetorical question)? Readers can judge for themselves.

Peter Conant 


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Miller goes on to cite the DHS NUMBERS. You just did a Buf Fat Belly Flop! :-)


JMV - Please read Miller's letter carefully. You are seriously wrong on this belly flop thing.


My comment was with regard to Mr. Miller's use of "DHS members" vs "DHS numbers." I do not know Mr. Ewings source(s) beyond that.

Alan Moon

Simply a symptom of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Take a desired outcome, slice and dice the evidence, and mold to fit. Commonly known as 'Dazzle with BS'




Not such a yawn when one considers Miller is claiming that Ewing wrote that 1825 agents were killed by illegals in 2018. I agree, that is a ridiculous number and I immediately was suspicious of Miller's veracity since I know Ewing would not make such a foolish error. This is indeed shame on Miller!


Ewing spews falsehoods regularly. Just recently he said that 5 Americans are killed by illegals every day. Nonsense. Again. Neade is even worse. He recently said there are 22 million undocumented immigrants here. Another lie


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