To The Daily Sun,

Another defense of Rep. Dawn Johnson, R-Laconia, that plays fast and loose with facts and truth.

On a blog posting on Dec. 13, Rep. Norm Silber, R-Gilford, claims that Dawn’s only transgression is that “she had posted to her Facebook page certain materials that included a link to a site that turned out to be maintained by some type of neo-Nazi and/or anti-Semitic group.”

This “defense” completely ignores the fact that not only was the website owned and maintained by a neo-Nazi anti-Semitic group, but the CONTENT of the conspiracy theory story - those “certain materials” which Rep. Silber is quick to gloss over - she shared was racist and included an anti-Semitic cartoon.

Also in the blog post, and in his letter to The Daily Sun on Dec. 14, he claims people have shared “fake racist posts, falsely claiming attribution to Dawn.” It begs the question, has Rep. Silber even looked at the material that Dawn shared? Or is he playing it coy and staying intentionally ignorant so that he has an “out” when the pressure on Dawn is too great and she does the right thing by resigning?

I’m sorry, but this whitewashing of Dawn’s actions is not going to fly.

Dawn Must Resign.

Steven Hepburn


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Excellent letter.

Bill Fitz

Silber's response is dictated by Johnson's party affiliation. In his mind a Republican can do no wrong. If she was a Democrat it would be quite different. Democrats, however, would still condemn her actions and call for her resignation.


Now that President Trump has lost, the local libs need someone else to pick on and destroy.

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