To The Daily Sun,
Yes it can get worse, and with Biden being danced like a puppet by the extreme left we can pretty much count on it. Everyone is blaming Biden, but come on. He's only doing what he's told to do, not that he wouldn't even if he had the presence of mind (like before he became senile) but he never could even then do the right things.
Afghanistan is only the newest and most obvious proof none of those in the administration can think beyond their self centered lust for their Marxist paradise. 
Say, did everyone see Mike Luckovich's cartoon in last weekend's edition? Hope so because this dedicated slander merchant is now trying to blame George W. Bush for the Biden administraton disaster there. Seriously, he is, and that's so typical of the left. Nothing is ever their fault, and they will reach as far back or way out into left field to invent a scape goat every time.
How does the editor of this paper justify reintroducing this hack's proven vicious crap? (Sorry for the knotty word, but telling it like it is.)
Now I just wonder how many Biden voters are asking what he heck did I do? Well, they didn't like Trump's personality or his tell-it-like-it-is bluntness. No, he wouldn't fawn at the feet of the liberal politically correct media or swollen empty headed celebrities, but he ran the country as it should be run.
The economy was booming until COVID struck, with the lowest unemployment in decades across every strata. Our border was secure, he brokered a deal between two Islamic nations and Israel for peace treaties, had terrorist leaders hiding under their rocks, drug cartels struggling mightily to get their poison and gangs into our country and keeping those here already from being kicked out. But none of that mattered to the Trump haters, he wasn't NICE. Try as they might they couldn't find so much as a parking ticket against him and still haven't.
Look at all the pie in the faces of the main stream media Trump bashers. Possible peace in the middle east down the drain, Hamas once again launching rockets into Israel, more then a million illegals unchecked, unmasked streaming in, and once again the American people are at risk from diseases, crime, terrorism and an economy ready to crash.
Is this the rebuild you all had in mind? I may have said this before but it's worth saying again. This is what happens to America every time the liberals get into power. Liberals just refuse to learn from experience or history that Socialism does not work. Crazy, impractical politically correct ideas fall apart in the face of reality.
This week it's Afghanistan contributing its buckets of blood to the liberal dream of the perfect world. Note! The world is not nor never will be perfect. Unless this country and its liberals understand this and get their minds around practical realistic solutions to real problems, we will not survive.
Steve Earle

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Alan Moon

Makes you wonder who the real enemy is here.


That would be Trump and he’s gone now. Now we get to clean up his mess.

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